What is the Difference between Enhance and Balance?

We are often asked, what is the difference between our two CBD tinctures Enhance and Balance. It is a great question and while we wrote a detailed blog post about Enhance on our blog a few months ago, we would like to highlight the differences between the two CBD tinctures.   

Balance contains 600 mg of full spectrum CBD, Enhance contains 1200 mg of full spectrum CBD.

Balance is a flavored tincture with lemon and mint – formulated to taste delicious straight from the dropper, Enhance is unflavored.

Balance is best taken sublingually, Enhance can be added to your favorite beverage and/or food. In addition, Enhance can be added to your favorite skin care products or used for skin spot treatment (my teenage daughter will attest to the effectiveness of Enhance in spot-treating skin irritations).

That being said, please note that plenty of our customers will add Balance to their favorite beverage and take Enhance sublingually. That is absolutely fine too.

Ultimately, both Balance and Enhance offer you various options in regards to how you want to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle. And, if you are looking for another fun option to add CBD to your well-being, don’t miss our delicious Celebrate CBD Bitters.

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