Cordial Organics is a new generation of wellness and beauty formulated with CBD. There is a growing body of evidence showing that CBD is a powerful catalyst for healing and wellness. That evidence gave us the desire to harness the power of CBD for our friends and family by creating products that would become part of our daily lives. Our desire and vision have produced results that will change how you think about your skin and body.

Our intention is to restore the whole body, not just improve symptoms. All of our product ingredients are expertly blended to have a specific effect not only on your internal and external body but your emotional state as well. We have achieved this through extensive research as well as dedicated and careful testing by real people. By creating our proprietary compounds in small batches we maintain a superior level of quality in all our products that you will certainly notice.

All our products are made with CBD extracted through a supercritical CO2 process from medicinal grade hemp grown in the USA. This means that we are able to offer you one of the cleanest forms of CBD extract possible. Also, Cordial Organics products come in thoughtfully chosen premium materials that protect the creations they contain. The quality of our packaging ensures that the pure ingredients are not degraded by sunlight or chemicals and therefore the formulations stay as healthy and effective as the moment they were created. Our packaging is also recyclable, allowing the end product to be as good for sustaining the planet as for your well-being.

We support organic farmers and free trade as expressions of environmental and cultural harmony. It is important to us to support communities and organizations that are working for progress and with this in mind, a portion of all profits are donated to causes we believe in.

We hope Cordial Organics makes a difference in your life.

Desi & Shelly


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