Pouring Cordial Organics

Why Choose Cordial Organics CBD?

Pouring Cordial Organics

With so many CBD brands on the market, one must be asking, which one should I choose? How you spend your money and the businesses you support truly matter. 

In previous blog posts, we have discussed how to read labels on CBD packaging and the importance of certain terms on the labels.  By now, third party tests are a given and if a brand won’t share a test result, run the other direction. Once a consumer has established the amount of CBD and the source of the CBD, is it a matter of which label is most appealing? No. There is more.

White Labeling

A large portion (possibly even the majority) of CBD products found on the market today are white labeled which means the manufacturing is done by one source and the label is unique to the company. While there is nothing wrong with white labeling, we feel that there is a disconnect between the producer and the brand. 

All the products from Cordial Organics are created in-house with proprietary compounds in small batches from scratch. The result: Cordial Organics maintains a superior level of quality in all the products that you will instantly notice.

Research and Development

Desi and Shelly are the Founders and the Makers. Desi and Shelly spent a full year growing CBD rich strains of cannabis and performing extractions with Co2, alcohol and oil-infusion. Throughout the year of R & D, Desi and Shelly tried recipe after recipe and tested on friends and family to arrive at the most effective and therapeutic end product. This boots-on-ground approach to building our brand offered the knowledge to carefully vet suppliers and their growing / extraction processes. Familiar with every step from seed to end product is a wealth of knowledge that conveys to the end user.


There is too much plastic being used when there are other options. It is time for businesses and consumers to establish a new standard and stop using plastic. All of our packaging is recyclable, allowing the products to be as good for sustaining the planet as they are for your wellbeing. The Restore Stick is compostable. 

Business Practices

Conscious consumerism means supporting businesses that make sustainability a priority. Cordial Organics supports organic farmers and free trade as an expression of environmental and cultural harmony. It is important to us to support communities and organizations that are working for progress and with this in mind, a portion of all profits are donated to causes we believe in. We regularly extend support to local organizations with product donations for fundraisers and silent auctions.

Customer Service

In today’s world of spam, robo-secretaries that request you press #2 and bad manners online, we value businesses that pick up the phone and answer emails. Need we say more?

Choose Cordial Organics

When you choose to purchase CBD from Cordial Organics, you are choosing a carefully crafted product that was formulated with your well-being in mind. You are choosing to support small business and a women-owned business. You are choosing to be kind to the earth with recyclable packing and you are choosing to support all the resources we have chosen to create our products. Thank you for choosing Cordial Organics. 

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Experience consistent results with our premium CBD essentials.

15% off discount excludes subscriptions and bundles. One code per customer.



Experience consistent results with our premium CBD essentials.

15% off discount excludes subscriptions and bundles. One code per customer.