what do you need to know about breastfeeding and cbd

What you should know about breastfeeding and CBD

Can I Take CBD Oil While I Breastfeed?

A very common question we receive is, “Can I take CBD oil while breastfeeding?” The concern being, will any CBD end up in the breast milk. The question prompted us to dig deeper and we located a study conducted here in San Diego at UC San Diego on marijuana and breast milk. The study was led by Christina Chambers, PhD and her research team at Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI).

The 2018 study intended to better understand if marijuna lands in breast milk and how long it remains in the breast milk after use. The study based its findings on donated breast milk to Mommy’s Milk Human Milk Research Biorepository at UC San Diego. The data comprised 54 samples from 50 women who used marijuana. Findings: The drug was found in 63 percent of the samples. Additionally, it was confirmed that traces of marijuana can be found in breast milk up to six days after use.

Studies on whether or not CBD ends up in breast milk have yet to be conducted. The question of whether or not trace amounts of CBD in breast milk are harmful or irrelevant to a feeding infant needs to be asked as well. As we often conclude, more studies are needed.

True, that this study is about THC and not CBD when it comes to usage and breastmilk. We still believe it is a highly relevant study to think about and the finding that the cannabinoid THC lands in breast milk is useful. It is very well possible that CBD, also a cannabinoid, will end up in breast milk. We believe sharing information is best and we do not make recommendations either way. We believe that knowledge leads to an empowered person and we support personal choice.

Let’s hope more studies are on the way that answer a lot of unanswered questions.

Does CBD Affect Breastfeeding or Milk Production?

The FDA made a clear stance on how it feels about taking CBD and / or THC while breastfeeding and that stance is a hard no. Not surprising, the US Surgeon General as well advises against the use of THC and CBD while breastfeeding. There has been no research on whether or not CBD can affect breast milk production. In fact there is little anecdotal evidence as well.

Are CBD Gummies Safe While Breastfeeding?

Another frequent question is, can I take CBD gummies while breastfeeding? Are CBD gummies safe while breastfeeding? Whether you are taking CBD sublingually or eating a CBD gummie while breastfeeding, it is likely that the cannabinoids will land in your breast milk. As we stated above, it is not our intention to tell anyone what to do, rather we like to be sure to share all the studies about CBD and breastfeeding so that one can make an informed decision. If you need a refresher on taking CBD sublingually vs eating a CBD gummie, visit our blog post on CBD and bioavailability.

A Word on Topical CBD and Breastfeeding

When products are applied to the skin, it is very unlikely that the product will reach the bloodstream. How and if a product makes its way from and through the skin barrier into the bloodstream depends on the molecular makeup of the product itself. Think, the science involved to produce an effective transdermal patch – topicals don’t just easily end up in the bloodstream or breast milk.

So, if you find your arms and shoulders ache from holding and feeding that gorgeous bundle of yours, Restore Stick is at your service.

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