What type of Cannabinoids do I need?

What type of Cannabinoids do I need?

There is a trend that has started that isolates cannabis cannabinoids into oils and edibles to address different issues like stress, sleeplessness, and pain. Is this a necessary trend? Do I need so many different packages of cannabinoids in my medicine cabinet? Am I missing out on something? Many customers have asked these questions. 

Do I Need a Different Package of Cannabinoid Oil for Sleep? For Stress? For Pain?

The short answer is no, you do not. Research shows again and again that CBD and the minor cannabinoids address the challenging issues of anxiety, stress, pain, and sleeplessness very effectively. That being said, it is unnecessary to meet these challenges with different bottles of cannabinoid tinctures or packages–one needn’t open their medicine cabinet and have a CBD bottle to dose themself when they feel stress and a different package to dose themself when they need a good night’s sleep. Please, do not waste your money on this silly trend. A CBD tincture that is formulated with quality full spectrum hemp will offer not only CBD but all the minor cannabinoids as well. This can be confirmed with a certificate of analysis. A bottle of CBD Oil Balance formulated and made by Cordial Organics may not only address anxiety but sleep issues as well. Restocking your body with cannabinoids is like making a deposit and from there, your body knows exactly what to do. Just how much you want to dose yourself is an individual experience. Visit our blog post How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for guidance.

What are the Cannabinoid Types? Why are They Called Minors? Are the Minors Important?

CBD and THC are the two most abundant molecules or cannabinoids found in cannabis. The CBD and cannabinoids used in our Cordial Organics recipes comes from organic hemp grown in the USA. The minors include all the other molecules or cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and the like (there are over 100 of them in cannabis). Certain minors can assist with certain issues (stress, sleeplessness etc.) and while this is true, nothing is more useful than taking a full spectrum oil that includes ALL the plant matter and cannabinoids. The minors are just as important.  

What does CBD Oil taste like?

That is a great question and truly depends on the CBD Oil. The Cordial Organics Balance CBD Oil tastes like lemon and mint. At Cordial Organics we’ve formulated our tincture to taste good–refreshing. We have tasted a lot of CBD oil on the market and the majority of it is bitter and tastes like medicine. We intentionally crafted Cordial Organics Balance CBD Oil to taste delicious because wellness rituals should be enjoyable, right? 

What About Full Spectrum for Pets?

The answer is yes, absolutely. Cordial Organics also sells a tincture that is full spectrum for pets called Calm. The feedback we have received from customers about their pets and Calm has been very persuasive. We urge you to try it if you have a pet with behavioural and or physical issues. We wrote a blog post about CBD and pets.

What Plants Have Cannabinoids?

Cannabis is not the only plant to offer a platter of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are commonly found in plants and herbs. Also offering you cannabinoid wellness: Cacao, Black Pepper, Echinacea, Helichrysum, Black Truffles, and many more. Wellness surrounds you. Be Well.  

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Experience consistent results with our premium CBD essentials.

15% off discount excludes subscriptions and bundles. One code per customer.



Experience consistent results with our premium CBD essentials.

15% off discount excludes subscriptions and bundles. One code per customer.