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CBD for Dogs: Zeke’s Story

Introducing Zeke: The Chiweeniepinpompoo

Zeke is a prime chiweeniepinpompoo breed example. This particular mix is a magical combination of chihuahua, dachshund, mini-pinscher, pomeranian and poodle. We adopted him in 2012 from a San Diego rescue called The Barking Lot. They estimated his age to be approximately one year.

It’s been 10 years since that happy adoption day. He’s about 12 years old now.

Discovering Zeke’s Unique Stride: Patella Luxation

We noticed right away Zeke often lifted his back leg while walking or running. We learned it was a condition called “patella luxation” and is fairly common in small dogs. 

When we asked a vet about it we were told surgery was an option but it was better to just observe it as long as Zeke seemed to be managing ok. So we didn’t worry about it and continued to take him on long walks. We adapted and mostly overlooked it.

In 2017, we started Cordial Organics, knowing dogs benefit more from CBD due to more receptors. So when we began making Calm for Pets. We started giving it to Zeke every day by putting a dropperful in his evening meal. 

CBD for dogs has many health benefits, including tumor prevention. We wanted to keep Zeke as healthy as possible so we kept giving it to him every day.

Zeke’s Unexpected Improvement

A few months later, on a morning walk, we realized Zeke wasn’t skipping his leg anymore. He had been doing it for 5 years consistently, and as far as we knew it wasn’t something that was supposed to go away. Yet here he was, not skipping anymore. We wondered why, but upon reflection, we realized it must be the CBD. Nothing else had changed for him at all and as he aged, his condition should have worsened, but it had improved.

Now, in 2023, Zeke has been free from patella luxation issues for six years. He is also really, really healthy for his age. He runs and plays and has the energy of a younger dog. When we take him to dog beach, people are shocked at how old he is. We believe that giving him CBD daily has given him an advantage that has helped him thrive and age so successfully. 

Of course he also gets gourmet dog food, many walks and endless love as well. All these things contribute to his healthiness but we think CBD gives him an edge even though we don’t really know all the ways why. We can only see that it has helped his knee issue and so it is just an assumption that it is also helping his overall health.

We wanted to share this story because we now know that CBD for pets is not only about calming their nervous system. Zeke, always calm and relaxed, didn’t seem like a candidate for CBD to manage stress or anxiety.

The Many-Faceted Benefits of CBD for Pets

The truth is, CBD for pets is about whole-body health and disease prevention. That’s why we have given it to Zeke every single day of his life since 2017. We share Zeke’s story out of love and a hope for all pets to enjoy his health and happiness. We trust CBD for pets, not just due to science and studies, but from witnessing its impact firsthand.

So even if your pet is as perfectly calm as our good boy, remember that CBD does a whole lot more than ease mental stress. 

We think every pet should get CBD every day.

We agree! Here’s some other pet owners that have used Calm for their furry friends. We have also written how CBD works specifically for dogs and cats.

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15% off discount excludes subscriptions and bundles. One code per customer.