Geographic Tongue and CBD

Have you ever heard of geographic tongue? Until yesterday, I had no idea such a condition existed. Geographic tongue is also referred to as benign migratory glossitis and it is classified as an oral inflammatory disorder. The Mayo Clinic describes geographic tongue as a harmless condition affecting the surface of the tongue, not contagious and not indicative of cancer. The condition is very common, listed as chronic and there are 3 million cases reported in the United States annually.

The cause of geographic tongue is unknown. There have been plenty of theories asserted such as geographic tongue is hormonal, stress related, a form of psoriasis of the tongue. Nothing has been accepted as truth however. Symptoms of geographic tongue look like patchy red irritations on the top and side of the tongue. It is a rather pesky and inconvenient diagnosis.    

A woman that works out at the gym in our office complex popped her head into headquarters last week and informed me that her doctor suggested she take CBD for shingles. She asked me what I thought and I suggested she take Balance as an internal defense against inflammation and then I suggested the Lavender Hydrosol for application of the inflamed areas. She purchased the items and promised to follow up with me because she works out next door three times a week. 

A week passed and she came in to tell me that she was so excited to announce that at the age of 16 (she is presently 65) she was diagnosed with geographic tongue. Geographic tongue has been an issue for her entire life and she spends $240 for a solution at a compound pharmacy to treat the issue. She went on to explain that since she started taking Cordial Organics Balance, the geographic tongue has completely cleared up. No more geographic tongue. She stuck out her tongue to show me and said that she has even eaten the foods that have aggravated her in the past (walnuts and strawberries were the two foods she mentioned).  

Testimonials such as this woman’s are our raison d’etre. And the shingles – that deserves its own post.

Author: cordialorganics