DIY Honey Mud CBD Face Mask

DIY Honey Mud CBD Face Mask

We thought we would share our favorite honey face mask recipe because we find ourselves discussing this a lot with friends. We think it is the changing season and also we live in Southern California which has a dry climate. Never-the-less, a honey mask needs no reason or season – do it for a complexion boost and add it to your wellness toolkit as a healthy skin ritual. 

Benefits of a Honey Face Mask

Honey has so many benefits for your skin. Firstly, honey is a humectant which means it will naturally draw water to the skin’s surface and hydrate as needed. Honey offers antibacterial properties and contains antioxidants. Honey acts as an antiseptic to assist with breakouts, acne and black heads by removing dirt from pores. 

We both find when we use this mask more often we have reduced redness and we just have more glow. Who doesn’t want more glow?

Honey Face Mask 

We always use 100% organic, raw unfiltered honey. If you would like to splash out, Manuka honey is great too. 

We also use Rhassoul clay in this mask. It contains larger amounts of calcium, potassium, magnesium, silica, and trace minerals. It also boasts a higher absorption rate, which makes it ideal for detox and cleansing. Its active compounds are quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

When applied to the skin, Rhassoul removes dead cells and excess sebum, which are major contributors to acne. Research also shows that a single use can improve skin firmness, skin clarity, and reduces dryness.

We have also included CBD in this mask/cleanser because your skin has a complete endocannabinoid system in place and its purpose is to establish well-balanced skin cells. CBD, applied topically, engages with the skin’s endocannabinoid system to assist in maintaining balance and preventing disorder at a cellular level.

The mask shown above can be made by mixing together the following ingredients:

  • ¼ cup raw honey (add more as needed)
  • 2-3 T rhassoul red clay
  • 2 droppers full of Enhance

In a small bowl, combine the honey, rhassoul red clay and Enhance. Stir together until it comes together. You want a thick but runny texture. If your mixture is too thick, you’ll want to add more honey until you have a thinner consistency.

To apply as a mask: wet face and spread the honey mask all over your face, avoiding the eye area. Let set on for 20-30 minutes, the longer the better.* Rinse with warm water until the mud is completely removed, then pat face dry. Spray face with hydrosol of choice and pat in Nourish Oil.

To apply as a face wash: wet face liberally with warm water. Use a quarter sized amount of honey mask and rub it lightly all over the face in upward circular motions. The circular motions allow the clay to naturally exfoliate your skin. Rinse immediately and pat your face dry. Spray face with hydrosol of choice and pat in Nourish Oil.

Add cinnamon to the mask if you would like to have additional anti-fungal, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial properties. Add Paprika to the mask if you want to help your circulation, but be warned that if you have sensitive skin this can leave your face red.

Did you know that our Renew Bath Salt contains Honey? Honey is not just for the face.

*Note: If you find it hard to leave your honey mud mask on for an extended period of time we find that these paper masks applied on top of the mask make the whole experience cleaner and less goopy. Soak the paper in hydrosol, a herbal infusion, or filtered water and lay it on top of your mask.

Author: cordialorganics