CBD Bitters: What are they and how to use them?

cbd digestive bitters

What are bitters? They are an aromatic made from barks, roots, herbs, spices, flowers, fruit and vegetables usually extracted with high proof alcohol.

Your taste buds experience 5 distinct flavors: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and savory (or umami). Bitter flavor is avoided by many animals (humans included) because it can be a signal of toxicity. With that said some of our favorite foods are bitter. Who hates chocolate, coffee, and hops?

Bitters don’t make the drinks or dishes you use them in bitter (with some exceptions), but they usually bridge a gap to balance flavor. They cut down sweetness, and heaviness in foods that are too rich. Bitters are the seasoning of a cocktail/beverage. I think that is the best way to think of bitters as you are starting to use them.


Bitters started to be applied to cocktails in England in the late 1700’s, but the real explosion in popularity didn’t happen until the 1850’s in the United States. They started to be advertised as cure-alls. Taxes and temperance helped usher in a boom.


Bitters are often used to stimulate bile before a meal. The most popular bitter herbs for that being gentian, dandelion and angelica roots. All three help with the stomach and gastrointestinal system by stimulating hydrochloric acid and bile. This allows your body to better utilize the nutrients in your food. This makes bitters the perfect companion for CBD.

Combining the digestive aid of bitter herbs with CBD’s anti-inflammatory, mood supporting benefits allows you to give yourself a supportive treat any time of day. We especially enjoy using our bitters in sparking water as a signal to unwind in the evening. Shelly and I have been known to carry Celebrate Bitters in our handbags and add it to whatever we fancy while out and about.


Mix 1 full dropper (as much as you can squeeze up into the dropper) with sparkling water, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, tea, kombucha or food. You may want to add more, but one dropper is a good start.


Cordial Organics celebrates nature at it’s peak and that’s why we offer Celebrate Bitters year round and chose to do other flavors when they fresh and local. Celebrate has a citrus flavor profile base. Cordial Organics is lucky enough to call San Diego, California home so we have access to an amazing abundance of citrus all year long. Make sure and check out what Limited Edition Bitters we have this season and keep a look out for our Spring/Summer 2019 bitters!

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