In Celebration of Our Differences, We Formulated Enhance

We are happy to welcome Enhance to the Cordial Organics line. Enhance offers 1200 mg of whole flower CBD per one ounce bottle suspended in unflavored/unscented organic MCT oil. Each dropper-full contains 40 mg of CBD. That’s 2 mg of CBD per drop. The dropper is calibrated so that you can effectively determine your best serving size.

What makes Enhance unlike any other CBD product is its adaptability.

Personal CBD

We love our CBD tincture Balance. We think it is the best tasting tincture available. If you want to add CBD to your life by using a sublingual solution, then Balance is your match. With that said, we understand that we are all different, we all have different rhythms and different routines.

We formulated Enhance because self-care is personal.

Perhaps you prefer to add CBD to your smoothie? Maybe an adaptogenic drink is more your style, you can Enhance that. Do you make your own salad dressings? You can add Enhance to that too. Wait, is CBD enriched salad dressing a thing? Well it is now.

Are you interested in the skin care benefits of CBD but devoted to your favorite brand(s)? We understand loyalty. We value loyalty. Now you can Enhance your favorites and explore how CBD promotes well-skin and still remain loyal to your favorite products. Put a drop or two in your palm mix with your favorite cream and apply to your skin. It can also be a great way to spot treat trouble areas.

No matter what your days look like, Enhance was formulated for your built-in rituals so you can easily integrate CBD into your life.

Author: cordialorganics